Thursday, December 20, 2007

Signs that the Wheels are Coming Off the Cart:

You spend your overtime shooting closeups of the producers girlfriend....who's playing a waitress.

The UPM comes to the best boy a few weeks into shooting and says, "You can't have any more blackwrap."

The call sheet says, "Day 70 out of 45."

You go into triple time shooting inserts.

You see the gaffer and the dp discussing a lighting set up. Suddenly the gaffer turns to the dp and says, "Did you just call me retarded?"

The UPM comes to the Key Grip and questions the amount of dance floor on the truck because, "There isn't any dancing in this movie."

The camera operator tells the Dolly Grip he feels a bump and the Dolly Grip smacks him in the back of the head and says, "Did you feel that?" There is soon a new face behind the dolly.

Doughnuts at Craft Service are cut into bite size pieces to save money.

More to come later....


Anonymous said...

Or the Rigging Gaffer tells the UPM late one nite to "Get his di*k out his boyfriends a*s and get down to the set!"

PIPER said...

Day 70 out of 45 is classic.

I work with a producer who always asks what if this was day 5 of a 76 day shoot? When you're talking commercial shoots, that's a pretty scary question.

I was also on a TV shoot where my Creative Director asked our main talent if he wanted to step outside and have a fight. That did not bode well for the rest of the shoot.

D said...

Nice ones boys, keep em coming.

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