Saturday, April 06, 2024

One Fire At A Time

   I have a philosophy called "One fire at a time." It started with doing dance floor moves. Basically, it states that when faced with a seemingly insurmountable set of problems, you don't look at the whole daunting pile at once. You break it down into a set of smaller problems to be solved in sequence. A dance floor shot with multiple floor and boom marks can be terrifying to a new dolly grip. But if you don't think of the whole, and separate it into individual moves based on actor movements, it becomes much less daunting. Once you have put down marks and get into the actual execution of the shot, you just think of it as separate dolly moves based largely on actor movement. He moves to there, you look and see where your previous mark is, and it makes sense. After a couple of run throughs, it starts to become clear. This mindset has helped me get through a lot of complicated shots, and a lot of life problems that seemed huge upon first look, but when broken down, become manageable. Put out one fire at a time. Believe me it will make a huge difference in how you not only approach complicated shots at work, but complicated problems in life.

The Captain has spoken

Have a good one.