Friday, December 07, 2007

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I haven't had much time to post lately, but Azurgrip has gamely filled in the spaces recently. His last post asked some questions I have also been thinking about. The rumors about the Hybrid with roundy have been around a while. In speaking with a rep a few weeks ago, I learned that, while Chapman has been bouncing the idea around a while, they are not at present seriously working on it yet. The thinking is that the serious Hybrid fans would abandon the Hustler and go back to it. Which kind of makes sense. I am a huge fan of the Hybrid. It's a workhorse. The dolly you want in sticky location situations such as woods, swamps, mountains, etc. You can't kill them. The Hustler, I like for mostly interior, stage environments where the low ground clearance isn't a hindrance. The Hustler truly is the Mercedes of dollies where the Hybrid is more like the dependable 4x4 Ford truck. It'll never fail you. I think it's a matter of tailoring the tool to your needs. With that said. Do you agree/disagree? What are your thoughts? Let us know


Anonymous said...

Will somebody please tell me what the Fisher 11 is good for other than a boat anchor?

Also, why cant Fisher design brakes that work when the steering handle is folded over. And speaking of which, why isn't it and the boom handle removeable?

Oh, and why oh why did they go to the trouble of designing track wheels that are too frickin big! You end up having to remove the inside wheels to keep from hitting the turnbuckles on American track!

On the other hand, the Fisher 23 is one of the finest jib-arms I have ever used.

Both dolly companies have their stregnths and weeknesses. Some Chapman products I have seen lately look like they were built alongside Russian tractors in the 1970s.

D said...

Good one Ted. It is true that some Chapman products have a...rustic quality although this seems to be less frequent esp with the Hustler and the Hydrascope. The Fisher 23 is a fantastic arm. I still haven't figured out what the Fisher 11 is for.

Anonymous said...

The hybrid is my favorite too, too bad that I do not get my hands on it very often.
It's simplicity and toughness is a blast. If it get's roundyround one day and decent simple to operate brakes, it would be my all time vavorite. But please leave the Boards as they are, no peewee IV like board puzzle please!

The fisher 11 runs actually very smoothly on Arri (Moy?) Tracks with the round track wheels. Better than a peewee I would say.

The trick with the 11 is the weight distribution on the dolly, I try to keep weight in the center over the dolly.
If you have a Big (Tall) Operator don't even try this dolly, you will have no fun. The operator will either flip the dolly over or sit cramped with his back resting at the Steering handle.

This dolly is a pain in the a#$§ with the pulley wheels.

But the good thing about it is the narrow profile when the wheels are turned in.

Greetz Dan

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