Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Great Debaters

Went to a screening at Sony of The Great Debaters and I must say I was pleased. It's a very enjoyable movie (although the print we saw wasn't a release print so there were some iffy moments, color shifts, etc.). It was a well put together movie, beautifully shot by Philippe Rousselot (yes, I am biased but it really was good!) I recommend it. Tools used- Hybrid 3, Superpeewee 3, Phoenix Crane, Technocrane 30'.


Anonymous said...

One note about the Techno crane: I know many of you have run into the problem of having to take the arm off that beast so that it will fit through a door. Keep in mind, the Techno crane is stupid heavy even without the electronics and weights. So how do you safely get the arm off?

Well there are undoubtedly many good ways, but we recently used the hand operated crank-up towers, and it worked great! Two towers, two full apples, two furniture dollies, and two ratchet straps and it becomes a piece of cake!

D said...

great tip, Ted.