Monday, December 03, 2007

Is there anything new?

Was wondering to myself - "what's new in gripology?" just to broaden the topic a little. There hasn't been much change in the new technology front for some time - I had to remind my wife that the sandbag has been around since those guys built the pyramids.... Curious minds want to know.

- When will Chapman release the new Hybrid (with roundy round steering)?
- Will Chapman build more HydraScopes and let them leave LA?
- Will Modern Studio Equipment ever ship an order on time? (Or update their website - which ever comes first...)
- Will Backstage Studio Equipment ever update their website?
- Does Chapman / Fisher have anything new in the works?



D said...

Speaking of the Hybrid w/roundy. I recently spoke with a Chapman rep who came out to repair a problem I was having on a Hustler. He said that while Chapman has been talking about it for a while, and apparently Leonard wants to do it, a lot of the others there don't see the point because it would actually possibly take business away from the Hustler 4. So it's in development hell.

D said...

Interesting note about Modern. I guess it's become a common occurance because my Key has been screaming about orders he placed months ago that haven't arrived.

LowMode said...

They just run on their own schedule, I can't say how long I've been waiting on 5/8 swivel chucks...