Saturday, June 14, 2014

Track Laying: A Primer

  Ok, so if you search over the last few years of this blog,you will find a few track posts. I think it's time to revisit this.  Mainly because I seem to be working with a lot of young grips lately who don't know how to do it. Track laying is the most basic of grip jobs. It's literally the easiest but creates the most stress. Everybody calm down. Track laying is not a great mystery. Here's what you do. Lay it out. Leave four feet for the chassis on whichever end it's on,. I connect it all together at this point, but some don't. Find the highest point on the track. Whichever side it's on is now called the HIGH RAIL. All that matters is that you bring the track up level with THE HIGH RAIL. Don't fill it yet. All that matters is the joints (where the track fastens together) and the ends (the ends). Then go side to side and bring the low rail up to it. That's it. That's all there is. Now sometimes you go LAY OF THE LAND. All this means is that it is still straight, but not level to the world (Earth). La y it out. Find the highest point. Get down on your knees and sight down it and make it straight to eye. Then get a level and go side to side at each joint and bring each joint up level with the high rail. That's it,  Don't fill it until the dolly grip says, " Pack it." And that's all there is to it.
The Captain has spoken,
Lay it straight,

Saturday, June 07, 2014

It's June Already

  Hi everyone. It's been a while and I apologize but it's been a madhouse around here. Between the work, a three year old son, a daughter starting college, a wife, three dogs and two cats, and an aquarium full of beetles that all need attention, I have little time or energy to devote to the site. Oh yeah, I have to cut the grass too. The last figure on the logo for Dollygrippery should be a guy pushing a lawnmower. I'm now in the midst of a new tv series which I shall leave next week to start a forty day movie for HBO.
  Now, I have a couple of orders of business to get out of the way. A website called Talenthouse has contacted me and asked me to spread the word about an offer they are presenting in conjunction with Spotify. You make a video for Spotify showcasing the power of music and you can win stuff. The details are at this link. Sounds like a good deal. The winner can get 12 months of Spotify Premium, a paid media campaign, and up to six large in cash. Check it out.
    The next thing is an interview I did with The Anonymous Production Assistant in which I discuss my languishing career, the danger of wearing flip-flops on set, and how to become a Dolly Grip. Also, I use the word "generally," a lot. Like, a lot. You can also learn how to talk Southern. It's at this link. While you're at it, check out the interview with my pal, Michael Taylor from Blood, Sweat and Tedium, here.
  I know that there has been a paucity of tech talk on the site lately. I plan to get back to it soon, when I have the time to give it the attention it demands. I don't want to half ass it at three in the morning so I'll wait until I have the time to devote to it. Also, as always, give me some ideas of what you would like to see. Ask questions or if you have an idea, offer to guest blog. Help me out. All right, I just got in from a split day on a Friday so I'm done.