Saturday, October 24, 2020

Back To Work

   I hope you are all doing well. It's been awhile, I haven't posted because, as for you, my days were almost all identical for a while, The only real distraction I had was when Sean Devine and I put together the  Dolly Grip Q and A's. They went very well and we had a great response. I hope to resume them at some point.

  Meanwhile, work seems to have returned. I went back and finished the show that shut down and am now on an action movie that shoots for just another month until my next long term job. I didn't want to do it but I have to say it's the best work I've ever done. I'm doing shots with a Peewee and a stabilized head that would have normally been Steadicam shots. Four minute takes racing down corridors and through doors ending up between bars in a jail cell type stuff. It's a challenge and I'm having a great time. As I told a friend of mine a few weeks ago, it's a great show to sand off the edges with. Anyway, I'll hopefully have more to say in the future now that we are getting back to work.

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Glenn said...

Had a question. Sent a message to Fischer and received an auto response that due to Covid in the office they are not in the office for a while. So, was looking for another source of info.
On an upcoming shoot they are planning on a Fischer 23 on a 10 on track (on the ground, not elevated). I was asked if the Fischer track wheels (TTW) would be better for this or skate wheels (like Porta-glides).
Do you know which is better? Are the TTW rated for that load capacity? I would think that they made them to the same rating as the dolly itself (1200lbs), but I couldn't find that info on the website.

Azurgrip said...

Sorry that we didn't come across this sooner. Hope the shoot went ok Glenn. Off the top of my head, the TTW should be able to accommodate the weight. Maybe Warwick can weigh in on this?

Wick Hempleman said...

Hi, Glenn, and thanks to Azurgrip for bringing your question to my attention. I work for J. L. Fisher in Europe. The TTWs can certainly handle the Model 23 in a correctly set up fully loaded use. Our SBWS can also take that weight, and work really nicely with a heavy load. I can't speak for other manufacturers' stuff, as to weight rating and performance. but the Fisher wheels would be okay with the load. The Model 10 dolly weight is about 420 lbs, but the Model 23 fully built and fully loaded gets up to 1700 lbs.

The folks are back in at fisher, you just have to call. If you have more questions you can also mail me at but remember, I'm in Europe, so noon on the East Coast is 6 p. m. for me.

With best wishes,

Wick Hempleman