Monday, January 28, 2008


I just got in from two days of reshoots on a movie we finished two years ago. It was rainy. It was cold. We did dolly shots of telephone poles, doors, buildings, and trees while various production assistants in 1930's dress staggered around in the frame.
I did do an interesting effects shot. We did a 3 fps shot pushing in on a train. The shot needed to be as steady as possible with as little variation of speed as we could get. We all know that creeps are the hardest shots. They just go on forever and it's really taxing to hold a constant speed that slow. I laid the dolly track on a slight slope so I really needed no effort to push it in and was able to give it only the amount of pressure to keep it moving steadily. we did 20 second push ins, 30's , and16's. It worked great.
The Dp was unsure whether it could be done. I didn't tell him about the slope or that I really wasn't doing much. Sometimes, it's all about how you look.

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