Friday, January 18, 2008

Really Cool New Link

The new link, Local 80- Chris Hager Photographs, takes you to Chris Hager, Local 80 member and photographer's site. On it is a side of the Grip Dept you won't often see. Chris worked for years at the Warner Bros Grip Dock. When guys would come in to load out, he would set them up against a backdrop, complete with a backlight and a stool, and take a photograph. If I remember, he would tell you to "make a funny face or do something crazy" and then take several different versions. After a while, the wall at the grip dock was covered in these really cool black and white head shots of the grips from Local 80 who'd been through there. You would then recieve a copy in the mail when he got around to it. Mine is framed in my mother's house. All these photographs are now up on the web at this link. Take a look, you'll see several familiar faces in a new way.


Anonymous said...

well who IS that handsome young man with no dip-bulge in his cheek??

D said...

I'll never tell.