Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Every Time I Think I'm Out....

A couple of years ago, I decided to go to Europe. I had just finished two pretty exhausting movies in a row, and I had never been, so I decided to just pick a city out of the blue and take off.
I'd had my fill of track and screaming First AD's, blinding HMI's and constant activity. I looked at a map and decided on Berlin.
I'd always been a WW2 buff and wanted to see the places I'd read about, and also see how people lived on the other side of the Atlantic. So I packed a backpack, bought a ticket and a week later was winging across the ocean. I really had no idea where I would go when I landed and that was part of the adventure. When I got there, I looked at a map and picked what seemed to be a nice suburban part of Berlin where a hostel I had read about was located.
I found it after several aborted bus rides, and broken English directions. It was a nice building in a nice neighborhood with a bar across the street. It was getting dark, so I checked in, threw my pack in my room and decided to go across the street for a beer.
I stepped out into the chilly night and as I crossed the street, I noticed some activity around the corner. There were a few people milling about as if assembled for some event, so I changed direction and wandered towards them to see what was going on.
That's when I saw the 18k with 1/2 CTO on it.
"No way," I thought.
Then I saw 50' of dolly track with a Peewee perched on it, ready for action.
Yes, in all the neighborhoods in all the cities, on all the days, I had chosen a hostel literally 100ft from a movie set.
I backed slowly away, ran to the bar, and quickly downed two beers.
The bartender, a nice lady who spoke English, asked me what was going on around the corner.
"I have no idea," I said. "Give me another one."


Azurgrip said...

It's the opposite for me. I spent a month in the south of France just outside Nice. Now I see the little town on the screen all the time - Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Ronin, Maximum Risk to name a few. Makes me want to go back.

Michael Taylor said...

That's a classic, D. We can run, but we can't hide...

D said...

Sad but true, my friend.
Azurgrip- I know what you mean, sort of. I also spent a week or so in Vienna, and loved it. I find myself looking for Rick Steves travel channel episodes on it (because I really don't know of any movies shot there.

Unknown said...

D-Go to imdb and type in Vienna in location search. I got over 840 hits, mostly tv shows, but there's a buncha features, too. I got as far as "Boys From Brazil" and stopped looking (grin)

D said...

Thanks Meg, I can't believe I didn't even think of that.
I hope your husband is finding some work in these lean times.

Unknown said...

Work? Whazzat? He hasn't worked since the first week of December. The "Honey-Do" list has shrunk, and with the rains we've been having here in SoCal, cabin fever is setting in. On the plus side, he took some really pretty photos of the snowy mountains. Real snow above Los Angeles, not movie snow (g)

Scripty said...

Very true indeed, I was on vacation recently and my friend said, "Hey, I see some of YOUR people!" referring to a crew entering the hotel lobby. (yes, it's true we have that "look" about us that screams CREW!") The funny thing is the hotel was in Bozeman MONTANA! I can't get away!!!

Hope it's ok I add you to my link list!

D said...

Thanks for dropping by, Scripty. Of course you can add us.

Anonymous said...

Hey D,

I hope you enjoyed your stay in my Hometown.

Just for curiosity do you remember when exactly you hit the Streets of Berlin? And where was that Hostel you stayed in?

Greetz Dan

D said...

Hi Dan,
I had a great time in Berlin although I was only there a couple of days before moving on to Austria. I think I stayed at
Meininger City Hostel at Meininger str 10. It would have been in early Fall 2005 I believe. I remember a long dolly track set up with a peewee and a police car racing in and cops getting out. It was a night exterior.