Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Dario Dolly?

Terry Cook, who is with Griptech in Sydney has a question about maintaining a Dario Dolly. He asks about tightening the chains etc. I know nothing about this machine which I believe is Italian. He's asking for some help, so if anyone knows about this dolly, please post in the comments. This is the kind of thing this site is for, so help if you can!


The Grip Works said...

Hi D, Hi Terry,
If I am not mistaken, the Dario was made by Cinetech Italiana. It was the predecessor of the Super hawk. I could be wrong.

These dollies were built by Armando Grottesi, and their operation is based in Rome.
The phone number is +39067211804.
Hope that helps

Sanjay Sami

Hugo Fuchs said...

I read it as the Gripworks above says ... But also that it is regularly confused with the Chapman pee-wee dolly.
Link is to the pdf manual for the Chapman. Hope it is of some use. Cinetech didn't have their manuals up yet.

the bones said...

hi i am trying to get some info on the cinetech falcon dolly, some pros and cons would be very helpful
if you own one or have used one some advice would be great
the bones

Espen Zubi said...

Dario was the first Hawk Dolly, that`s correct.
It is not possible to confuse it with the Pee-Wee.
Yes, they are booth hydraulic, and they both have steer and crab. That`s it.
About Chainadjustment, first of all, you should lift the dolly up on something so the whhels are lifted off ground.
1) loosen the small chromecaps on top of the wheel arms (there is mm Hex key 2 or 2,5mm, two set screws, then use a tool to untight the chromecaps, and tighten the large aluminum caps.

2) replace chrome caps and the small capscrews in chrome, and tighten the small hex screws.

3) Underneath every wheel arm, there is an adjustment lock hexscrew (4mm) loosen those, then it is a 13mm Nut outside the arm on every arm, loosen these, while the bolt inside the 13mm is an hex adjustment screw, tighten this, but set the wheel in free, and turn the wheel while doing this. Tighten up.

4) there is 3 more adjustments, one is on the left side rear, just under the oilpressure gauge, and two on the opposite side, those are for mainchain, and right/left chain. to adjust this, I will recommendto take off the cover on the top of the dolly, you will see better, and lubricate with chainoil, not grease.