Tuesday, August 28, 2007

AC's are my favorite people

I just realized I haven't mentioned anything about working with focus-pullers in such a way that you don't end up strangling each other. Focus-pullers (FP's) amaze me. The good ones can nail a shot with 2 inches depth of field consistently while walking with a moving dolly, tripping over the wedges. I stated earlier to be prepared to "abandon the marks." This isn't the best way to say this. Generally, an FP will have reference marks for anywhere the actor consistently goes. After a couple of rehearsals, or takes, you generally know what's going to happen. An actor who consistently misses a mark will generally miss it to the same place. Be ready, if you should miss your mark to signal to the FP how much you missed it by. When I said "abandon" the marks I just meant don't be glued to them no matter what happens. You have to be fast and loose and ready to adapt to anything.

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