Sunday, February 23, 2020

The Lost Rules

  I've often said that the advent of the digital age has somehow degraded the rules of the set we all used to follow. Here is a refresher:
Don't stand in front of the lens. Just don't. These days the hardest part of the job seems to be just finding the shot. At any given time while the operator and I are trying to set up a frame there are: Meetings happening in front of the lens.
Makeup or hair being done in front of the lens. (before we even have a shot).
Here come the ladders.
Aimless wandering, staring open mouthed at the wonder of the set. In front of the lens.
Phone calls being taken, in front of the lens.
Stories told about the weekend's activities, in front of the lens.
Please, I beg of you, let us find a shot. Everyone will get their turn but it is meaningless until we set the frame.
Don't stand in doorways. This drives me crazy.
Don't stand under the crane arm.
Don't shush me. Ok, this is more personal but I hate being shushed by a 25 year old. I've spent more time in the honeywagon than you have on set. You shush.
When did I get so old.

Incidentally, I will be working in Prague the month of March if anyone wants to get together for a beer.



Stussey said...

The annoying thing about shushing is it's louder than whatever noise they're trying to stop.

D said...


Kimbo said...

I would be happy to show you a proper Prague beer. Assume you are working with George (Jiri) as your local key grip? Ask him for my number and send me an SMS if you have the time. Not sure I do!!, but cant hurt to try :) Kim W

D said...

Hi Kimbo! I am working with Jiri. I'll take you up on that if I get a chance. Thanks forbthe offer!

Packers And Movers Chennai said...
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Spencer Hutchins said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Too true.

Wade.SMM said...

Not sure who D is other than the owner of the blog.

I love videography and breaking down cinematography. I use to be practically be in it back in the day.

I went to this training by Knowles.

I don't have much experience on set and if I said it would be cool I might get pummeled for the fact it can be grooling.

That script of what happens is probably soon true.

Would love to see a group like Trippvand Tyler to do a skit on this.

Check out the vChat skit (