Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wait...... What?

Here is a list of things I heard on set recently that made me do a double-take:

1." We're going to need a shovel."

2. "Just put him in the van and the car will jump over it. We did the math."

3." Take the camera right over the iPad. Everyone knew about this."  Me: "I didn't even know there was an iPad."

4." Put it in "R" for "Race."

5. Camera operator: "If anything goes wrong, tell my wife which hospital I'm in."

6." We need fifty feet of Technocrane track." (We were inside a garage on a fifty footer).

7. "That car's worth two million dollars. Don't even look at it."

8. "Can we get the Techno down there?" (Points at 3' dropoff full of mud).

9. "The Hustler 4 only comes with a double detente."

10. After spending forty-five minutes building a car mount, "It's taking too long, rip it off."

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