Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thank God It's Over

It's a wrap! After four months of car rigs and Technocrane and Shotbusters* and splinter units and hotel rooms and forty degree temperatures and 102 degree temperatures and Phoenix cranes and Giraffe cranes and speedrail and track and people movers and vans and helicopters and stuntmen and traffic cones and green screens and more hotel rooms and stakebeds and crashboxes and pictures of family and phone calls and swimming pools and beer and whiskey and rum and sunblock and fleece and rain and Russian arms and Porsch with posts and lightening, and dirt and sand and coffee and egg whites and burritos and long nights and long days and close calls and stitches and medics and funerals and bandages and Technocranes and four-wheelers and Libra heads and laughs and fights and deserts and asphalt and c-clamps and salt water- and cliffs and dirt and eyelines and cars that won't start and rain and dollies and rum and cokes and sunblock, it's finally over. Thank you to a fantastic and visionary DP and a truly talented Director. I'm exhausted and drunk and elated and sad and happy and totally excited to be a part of something new and fresh. Thank you all. I'm tired and I want to go home.
I love you all,

*A special type of process trailer in which the actual driver can be in either front or back. We had two: a front drive and a rear drive.