Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Last Supertechno 100 Pics

Ok, I know some of you are tired of seeing them, but I'm getting more emails asking for more. Vladimir with Supertechno sent these. Thanks to him, and all who've taken the time to send pictures. We all appreciate them and are extremely interested to see how this thing works.
Meanwhile, the series I'm presently working on is winding down. I'll have more to say about that later. I'm still debating whether or not to go back to my old standby series. They did come through with more (a lot more) money and it's 7 months of work, so I'm torn between wanting to leave myself open for feature work and the promise of a steady long run of paychecks, especially with a son due any day now. It's a great show to be on with a crew that I love, but if I gave you a list of some of the movies I turned down last year because I was committed to this thing, you would immediately write me off as a moron or a liar. Anyway, I'm tired. Bone tired. Tired of being on a movie set for as long as I can remember and in need of some time away from all of it. And I'm about to get it, thanks to the State of California and their paid family leave program (and we wonder why California is bankrupt). I hope all of you Sled Dogs out there are doing well and staying safe. (At this point in the post, I always look for some really cool, appropriate sendoff line, but I got nothing, so if you think of a good one, leave it in the comments).


The Grip Works said...

Amazing !! But how do you even operate that beast ? When its boomed up you can reach the rear, but what happens as it starts coming down and the bucket end starts rising >

Wick said...

It was being wrangled with four lines (two fore, two aft), which give you a modicum of control, but really, unless the column can telescope in rear time in harmony with the arm tilting, I see some major safety and accuracy problems.

GHB said...

Congrats on the rate hike and the impending arrival of the little rug rat! How did you guys pull off the rate hike on the series? I know how you pulled off the other one!

D said...

Thanks GHB. Great to hear from you. We just said we ain't doing it anymore at that rate. I also had some intercession from a camera operator we both know who said "Pay the man."

D said...

By the way, I finally figured out what caused the "other one." Who knew?

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