Saturday, May 22, 2010


You were smelly.
You were filthy.
You cost me a fortune.
Like a lot of Good Dogs, you were an immense pain in the ass.
You loved us every day and we miss you more than we could ever say.
Goodbye Old Man. Safe travels. See you down the road.
I love you.


Michael Taylor said...

D --

Losing a pet is brutal. A friend of mine -- gaffer on a show we were doing at the time -- had to put his dog down after 12 years, and just went to pieces. "I'm not coming in this week," he said. "Get another gaffer."

Our director understood -- he'd lost a few dogs himself over the years. "Losing a dog is almost worse than losing a person," he said, shaking his head.

We covered him, of course -- it's easier to do that on a sit-com than an episodic -- so he wouldn't lose a weeks pay along with his beloved dog, but it was a long time before he could smile again and mean it.

That's one great looking dog, and a beautiful, if heartbreaking, post. In seven short lines, you managed to sum up the whole bittersweet experience of having a dog -- and really, of life itself.

Heavy stuff for a Monday.

Hang tough.

D said...

Thanks Brother. At 16, he was still present and mostly happy, but couldn't walk anymore. He was a good boy. Thanks,D