Saturday, March 20, 2010

2010 Fisher Open House

The Annual JL Fisher Open House is coming up on May 15. Fisher always pulls out all the stops and puts on a great event with Barbecue and Beer. It's a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and aquaintances, swap some stories, and see the latest that Fisher and several other equipment providers have to offer. The Moving Camera Seminar is also always interesting and it's our time, as Dolly Grips, to be front and center. I, unfortunately, probably won't make it this year due to a prior commitment (my daughter is in a play that weekend), but strongly urge all of you to go. I will need someone to represent Dollygrippery if I can't make it to report on the goings-on and take some pictures. If you are a working Dolly Grip, or just someone interested in the field, it's a don't miss. If you go, be sure to mention Dollygrippery.


Arif Ammar said...

May be Fisher house is better than my city!

Wick said...

If you're in or near L.A., please do come to this. Fisher will again not be showing at the CineGear Expo, so this is the best chance to see our stuff, talk to the people who build and maintain the gear, and the best opportunity to tour the facilities. Jim Fisher offers a few tours and talks about the history of the company.

I'll be in London at another show then. Such is life.

D said...

Thanks, Wick. I can't stress enough what a great job Fisher does with this event. Don't miss it!