Friday, October 16, 2009

Roundy Shot Redux

I'm not doing a good job of explaining the roundy shot from my previous post so I'll try it again.
Two rooms opposing on opposite sides at the end of a hallway. Opening frame is on an actor walking toward camera from the other side of the room we're looking into. Camera is just inside the room with the dolly itself in the hallway. As the actor approaches, dolly pulls back about four feet (that's really all you have) and as he passes camera, and crosses the hall, the dolly roundy's around, basically executing a pan with the actor as he passes. He stops in the doorway of the room across from the one he started in. Camera ends up 180 degrees from where it started over the actor's shoulder.
There, I hope that clears up the confusion. If it doesn't, let me know and I'll try it again.


A.J. said...

I kinda got it when it was on the Starbucks napkin... But I think I lost it in the Redux.

This is what I gathered from the previous post: Opposite room or no opposite room, the shot is essentially the actor walking down the hallway and/or in a straight line. Camera starts out in front of the actor, and as he's walking forward, dolly's backing up. Dolly then backs up into a roundy and now the actor is walking by in front of the camera. Dolly then goes into a forward roundy in the opposite direction it backed in from and ends up behind the actor. In the end, what's seen on screen is actor walking towards camera, across the frame, then away from camera.

Did I get that right? Or should I just stick to being a juicer?

GHB said...

hey dude. nice to see you back in action here. i missed the posts. I love the roundy shot. one of the coolest shots i've ever done was in roundy and it was a really tough one. it's always interesting when they design a shot with that in mind and you're able to pull it off.

my crew told me to send my best to you your crew and send good vibes to your boss. hope he's doing better....

D said...

You have the idea AJ. The actor isn't walking down the hall though. He's walking out of one room, crossing the hall and entering the other room and stopping just inside. Since the rooms are at the dead-end of a hallway, there isn't room to do a traditional pull back with him and just have the camera pan him around and end up in the over, so you use roundy to pull the front of the dolly around with him as he passes.
GHB- great to hear from you. stay in touch.

Danny said...

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