Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dropping In

Just dropping by before I head off to spend the evening somewhere in a canyon out towards Malibu. I'll have an actual post this weekend. Meanwhile, we have some cool things planned for Dollygrippery when we get time to actually do them. Hope all you guys (and girls) are working. Stay safe.
For those of you not actually in the business who are just interested, Michael Taylor over at has a great piece that pretty much sums up a day on a tv series from a juicer's perspective. Go give it a read and tell him I sent ya.


Anonymous said...

This is Seth, your fam from down south. Nice site. I guess this means you've arrived. Anyway, I have no idea about any of the topics but I guess I can pick up a few morsels of trivia and at least seem smart in some future conversation (as long as the other party is as ignorant on the topic as I am). Keep the cameras mobile.

D said...

Hey Seth, my old cuz. Thanks for dropping in. Don't feel left out, I actually understand very little of it myself. I've said for years that I'm the best actor on the set. Hope to see you soon. D