Tuesday, December 09, 2008

More Great Work

Before we were thrown off course by the tragic events in Mumbai (See the post "Mumbai"), I had solicited all you Dolly Grips for some clips of work you are particularly proud of. Onno sent me this link to a great clip from a commercial. If whoever did this one is reading, speak up! I remember this one! Really nice dolly, crane, and, I assume, insert car work. Check it out at -http://www.spike.com/video/carlton-draught-big/2779281. When I started this blog I never really thought about how much response I would get from our European brothers, not to mention those in Australia, New Zealand, and India.
This link may be a two-for-one. When I watched it, it was preceded by a trailer from The Day the Earth Stood Still on which our friend Gil, of GI Track, was the Dolly Grip. It has some nice moves in it. So the call still goes out. I haven't heard from my co-administrator Azurgrip or many others of you. Scour Youtube for movies you've done. This is a chance for you to shine a little in front of your peers. If I don't start getting submissions, I'll start putting my own crap up, and nobody wants that.

On the work front, we have a camera test on Friday and start shooting the second week in January. It goes nine months (barring a SAG strike), but I'll see if I can last that long on episodic. It's a vampire show (aren't they all nowadays) so you know what that means.
Good luck everyone and send in those clips. I'm also looking on Youtube myself for movies that those of you I know have done that have really good work in them so don't be surprised if you see familiar (to you) stuff here. Stay safe.


Azurgrip said...

Sorry I haven't offered anything up as I haven't seen any of my work on YouTube. At some point I need to start ripping some of my work off DVD, but my computer is far too slow.

However I am quite proud of my work on "The Incredible Hulk" - for recent work and "Four Brothers" for a little older. Please check them out if you get the chance.

D said...

I've always like "Four Brothers" and thought the work was really nice. I've actually been looking at clips of it recently. I can't really rip DVD's either, so I'm looking on youtube and at trailers (they usually have the good stuff anyway) for things. I'll find something.

Anonymous said...

D, if you're going nine months on episodic ask for a clone for Christmas. Prolly confuse the heck out of the vampires, too.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record: I did NOT do the "big ad", I wish I would have done it!!!
Wick showed me this clip some years ago from his office. As soon as the music started the lady from the office besides started screaming: "Oh No, Not Again!"

D said...

I don't know if I could talk even my clone into episodic. He'd ask for more money!

Onno- I'll change the post. I misunderstood your email. Still a great commercial.
Thanks guys.
Wick, you'll be happy to know I'm filling in for a friend of mine on a series for one day next week and I'll be pushing a Fisher.

Anonymous said...

Onno, thanks for the reminder :). Anne is still working for me, by the way. And D, I'll be out that way in early April (pre-NAB), maybe there's a chance to meet up. Chili John's is about halfway between Chapman and Fisher, would that count as neutral territory?

Anonymous said...

As an aside. I really want to thank D ( as I know others do) for the creation and maintenance of this website. All the other websites I have seen (CML, Cinematography, etc.) are forums, but more for amateurs, students, Directors or DPs to pick the brains of grips. They are not really Grip forums. Grips rarely find a voice or any kind of recognition outside of a very technical inner circle. I think what D has started here is quite revolutionary. And I for one really appreciate it. Thank you D.

Anonymous said...

Hear Hear!! Thanks to D for his effort!!
I fully agree to what Sanjay said. It is a joy to contribute!

Good luck to all,

Unknown said...

Thank you gentlemen, it's a pleasure to have you all here. When I get time, and a little more web savvy, maybe I'll set up an actual forum.
Wick- Sound's great. I'll look forward to it.

Anonymous said...

What Sanjay said, and what Onno said. D, (Rebecca is D, I assume, having an Ed Woods moment) this place is savvy enough as it is, but with all that spare time you'll have the next few months, knock yourself out. I'll keep you posted re: travel.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the "Big Beer Ad". It was shot in New Zealand. I remember hearing about it, they shot it in the South Island. I shall make some enquires for you as to who the Grip was but i do know we have 2 very very good Chopper pilots down there who would have done the aerials.

D said...

Thanks Si. That would be great.
Ha HA "Rebecca" is me. I signed in on my wife's account and didn't catch it. No identity crisis here.

gitrack said...

D. Thanks for the kind words. "The Day the Earth Stood Still" was a great shoot. I must say our team around the camera was excellent with an amazing focus puller Sean and Campanelli behind the camera. I've worked with these guys a lot and everyone is comfortable with there craft and we just do the shot. Most of the time we would roll the camera after lighting. Shoot with no rehearsals. I love that because I find my best work is the first couple of takes. You're so focused. Fresh!

I just wanted to say I appreciate everything you have done with this website. Azurgrip emailed me about a year ago and said "you got to check out this dolly grip site". Glad I did. I too have turned a few dolly grips from the West Coast to your site.

I will make one of my new years resolution to come visit Dollygrippery more often in 2009.

Let's get this darn SAG stike out of the way and get on with making some great dolly moves!

All the best in the New Year everyone!


D said...

Thanks for your support Gil. Good luck in the New Year!

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