Thursday, December 25, 2008

Asking For Info

I have a question from tigger on the forum about Chapman Vibration Isolators. Has anyone used the "Small" "medium" or "Large" one?

(the "Small" one is pictured above)

The Medium and Large appear to be for both dollies and underslung on cranes. If any of you guys have used it give us a report and let us know how it did.



Chris said...

The "small" VI that I tested for use on rough floors looked very different. I was told that the VI was designed for camera car use with stabilized heads. The VI feels like a Stedicam arm and works in much the same way, sort of a vertical slider.

D said...

Thanks CB. Sounds cool. I've used the Large one with stabilized heads and it's unbelievably effective, but never on a dolly. Tigger is interested in the one that does both. Maybe it's the one you tested. How did it do?

Anonymous said...

wish i could help, but i've never used one in anyway except the way D described. would love to know if there's one for a dolly, but it seems like any shot like that would just end up being steadi-cam anyway.

Anonymous said...

We fiddled around with a few VIs for remote heads, mostly using coiled springs, and found that one set up for underslung heads was useless or worse with overslung heads, and vice verse.

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