Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Show Off!

In keeping with the spirit of Dollygrippery, here's a chance for some of you to show off a little. If you've done a shot or sequence you're particularly proud of, and can find a clip of it, send it in. I'll put it up on the video bar. Along with the clip, send some background: tools you used, technique, etc. I'm trying to find the long dolly sequence from Darjeeling Limited that Sanjay did but haven't found it yet. Email them to me or give me a link.


Anonymous said...

I can't really compete with specific big moves, but watch "The Wall Live in Berlin", I was operating the crane on the stage apron. Nearly got run over by a column of Russian trucks who missed their mark and were 3' too far downstage.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at:, a makingofshot at:

more coming up.

Others in for some heroic or tremendous shots?


D said...

Thanks guys. Good start. I'll check them out and post them soon. Anyone else.? Come on, it's your chance to show something you're proud of. It doesn't have to be something spectacular, just something you liked.
Wick- I saw the Wall Live on tv and remember noticing they had some crane work. I'll see if I can isolate something from a clip.

Anonymous said...

Cant find the long dolly move online. I will try to upload it off the DVD. What I did find was a clip of a monorail overhead track that I built running thru the train. 300 ft of track, please notice how narrow the corridor is and that the train is moving (you can see out the windows)


D said...

Great sequence Sanjay. It goes up next.

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