Friday, November 28, 2008

Around the World Rig This is a link to a commercial that Onno did. It's a really cool "around the world" rig and came off really well. Nice work Onno! The behind- the -scenes video of the rig in action is on the video bar.


Wicki said...

Good stuff indeed, Onno. "If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much." Greetings to all from the Camerimage, by the way.

Ed Moore said...

Curious DP - how long would it take some top flight grips to put something like that together? Are we talking extra prep days or something that can built relatively easily with a typical grip truck?

The Grip Works said...

Top flight grips equiped for a movie should have enough stuff on the truck to build that.
Clever rig Onno.

Onno said...

I have had two weeks to think about the rig. Initially one day to build for a 24mm lens, a rebuild for a 18mm lens.
Some restrictions:
- 2 locations a day with a full unload and loading truck.
- 3 days shooting.
- All needs to fit in an elevator 3m * 2m by 3,2 high...

Our first location-setup with changed (not experienced crew) took us 2,5 hours. Our last set up about 45 minutes. This was 1,5 years ago. Last week we rebuild the rig with some excisting parts which took us less then an hour.

My learning curve: each hour spend on designing a rig (to keep thing easy), saves half an hour or more on the set!

To Ed: With the knowledge I have gathered with this rig it can be done within 2 hours by using speedrails and clamps. With some prepping to gather some special bearings and proper counterweights it will be a nicer and smoother rig. (The bearings I have used needed to be customized) especially the wiring to increase stability need a well equipped truck.


D said...

I was wondering what bearings you used. We built a similar rig for a movie years ago except it was open ended, in other words had a long arm more like a crane extending from a large bearing with counterweights.

D said...

All right, I'm going to need more clips. All I have is Sanjay and Onno and a reference from Wick about "The Wall" (great show by the way). I will soon go to IMDB and start picking out clips of your work that I like and posting it.

Onno said...

It was a product similar to this pictures:
It needed to be suitable for a heavy sideway payload at low speed. Most of the ready-available bearings go for higher rotations (especially ball-bearings).