Wednesday, July 09, 2008

An opportunity.

I've had an exchange of emails with Horst B over at TechnoCrane; he's looking into the future and is looking at the next great crane. They are hoping to start working on the prototype this fall with a roll out some time in late 2009...

The next beast? And I mean beast... the ST100. If I can I figure it out, I'll post the PDF he sent me with the specs they're hoping to deliver.

As it stands... 12' + of rise in the main column. At full stick, the top of the crane is 27' from the ground with a max lens height of 107' (!). Over 80' of travel on the arm alone!

Other than The Jolly Green Giant operating this behemoth, I can't wrap my head around how one would use this crane. What kind of base? You'd almost want to have it truck based (a la Titan).

In my conversations with Horst, he's graciously allowed me to bring the topic here and open it up to discussion. What would you like to see in Techno's next crane. Any suggestions on how to deal with the ST100 from an operator's point of view. Over time we can pull together thoughts and ideas and send them to Horst for review.


D said...

Holy Crap! It's hard to wrap my head around how to operate it on a 12' column. It will be interesting also to see how to stabilize an arm of that length. I'll have to do some thinking on this. Thanks Azurgrip.

D said...

To those interested, Azur and I can't figure out how to post the pdf on the site. With Azur's permission, maybe we can email the drawing to those interested.

Anonymous said...

i heard a while ago that they were planning a st70,
100' would be amazing! it would be great to see the pdf!

The Grip Works said...

I'm very interested in seeing it. I dont feel like I would nessesarily like a behemoth like that. It could be useful for some applications, but it would certainly have to be truck based. I feel that the inertia on an arm that length & weight would be really difficult to handle without hydraulic aids. It would have to be heavy to provide rigidity without rigging on an arm that is 100 ft long. How would you operate it with the camera close to the ground? With a 26 ft centre post that would be really difficult. Even if they have a swing lever to operate it (like the Strada & Long Ranger) how long can it be ? 20 ft? I have used the Strada extensively, and with its slim profile and with miles of cable rigging it is still difficult to wrangle, I cant imagine what the wind effect will be on this one. It will be great if Horst can pull this off. But I see it being more of a speciality / novelty crane.

Chris said...
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Chris said...

Seems like no matter how long it is the Techno still ends up on track.

D said...

True, CB. A crane this large would be for specialty shots (like those the Strata is used for now) It would be great for overhead long dolly shots, or dolly shots over rough terrain. As Gripworks said, a truck base, like the Titan would be ideal.

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