Thursday, May 15, 2008

JL Fisher Open House

This post was written about the 2008 Open House. I'm writing this from the future. It's now 2009 and I noticed some searches for the open house leading here, so wanted to help you guys out. The Open House is on Saturday May 16, 2009. The address is JL Fisher, 1000 Isabel St. Burbank, Ca 91506. Please come on out. You can also visit

Since the both of us are on the East Coast now and are a few time zones away from L.A. I was wondering if anyone was going to the JL Fisher open house this Sat, May 17th. I would love to go and am disappointed to miss out on the "Movement of Camera" panel. If you do go, could you please drop us a line here and tell us about (the panel, any new products, etc)? Thank you kindly!


D said...

I didn't even know about it. I'm sorry to miss it myself.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could go, I've never been to an open house like that before.

Unknown said...

Went to the open house with my husband the dolly grip. It was so hot (over 100), with the heat reflecting off of the parking lot, that most everybody was sitting under the tarps eating the catered bbq. Great set up, lots of product to look at. My husband liked the skateboard wheel exhibit. Didn't stay for the panel (George Spiro Dibie) because it was too darn hot. Did I mention it was hot? (grin) Too bad, because Fisher did a wonderful job.

Azurgrip said...

I'm so in awe of the engineering of Fisher's skate wheels. I can't wait to see them in person (I just hope they aren't too heavy!).

Anonymous said...

I was not at the open house (I'm in NYC) but I was just on a job with the new skateboard wheels from JL Fisher. Not sure if they are what you are talking about, because I haven't been able to find any pictures of them online.

Basically, they (the trays) are silver in color, have clear "jelly" wheels (32 channel), but are not on 1 single caster -- they all move independently on a metal "snake" of sorts, which allows them to be used on curved track. They seem very cool indeed.


Anonymous said...

oops! spoke too soon... here are the new wheels:


Unknown said...

I picked up the brochure at the open house, and one of the diagrams states:
Note: When placing the skate board wheels onto the track, the red dots on the trucks must be on one side of the track, and the blue dots on the other side of the track.
each set of 2 wheels (truck) can swivel independently.
All 32 wheels maintain contact on both straight and curved round track.
My husband used them the other day, and he said as long as you have the wheels on the right side of the track they work great.

Azurgrip said...

Does anyone have any stories from the show? Anyone attend the panel?

Chris said...

Hello Everyone,

I was finally able to make the BBQ this year, work had always prevented me in the past. I am a super fan of J.L. Fisher and I had been looking forward to the event for a long time. The BBQ was held in the parking lot at Fishers New(in the last few years) state of the art manufacturing facility. The staff at Fisher welcomed you at the gate, gave you a name tag and set you loose in a theme park style setup of Dollies, Track, Jibs and Cameras. Dollies were set up in many different configurations, low mode, regular mode, on track, off track, on the new Skate Wheels(SBWS) in regular and crab mode, and some circle track setups. Many Camera and remote head vendors had booths setup with dollies showing of their gear. Even Matthews was there showing off a new rig called the "Bullitt Dolly".

More to come later

Chris said...

The "Camera Movement Panel" was moderated by George Spiro Dibie. Roughly eight ASC members and six SOC members and two Local 80 Dolly Grips. There were only two questions asked of the panel. First being "How has Video Assist changed the way you work?" and the second was "Give an example of a moving shot you have done recently." Everyone on the panel had something interesting to say and some even strayed a little. After about an hour and a half it was over.

Fisher put on a great event. Everyone should mark their calendar for next year.

Hope to see you all there next year,


Azurgrip said...
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Azurgrip said...

This website:

has a few videos from the day.

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