Saturday, February 09, 2008

Skimpy Posts

Sorry about the shortage of posts lately, I'm in the middle of a five day commercial and I'm pretty wiped by the time I get home. Every shot is a dolly shot and I am constantly working. Phil Joanou (Rattle and Hum, 3 O'Clock High) is the director and he doesn't screw around. We move fast all day. High mode, to low mode, 30 feet of track, back to high mode, move the track over here, let's go. Which is actually good because I was getting a little rusty. I'll have more time after Monday. Which gives me an idea for a post about timing for overcranked shots. I'll be back. Azurgrip, if you've got anything, fill in the space (I would also like to get your take on overcranking).


Azurgrip said...

Overcranking? As in FPS?

D said...

Yes. Every shot on this job is at 48 fps. It's a little disorienting on the timing for the first couple of hours.

Azurgrip said...

Interesting. Never had to deal with it at that level.