Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New Links

I'm adding a new link to It's a site put up by some enterprising grips in Pittsburgh. Amish Jim has a lot of stuff planned so it should be interesting.
There's also a new link to Cranium, which is a company started and owned by a Dolly Grip who went out and bought himself some cranes. Nico Bally has built his business into a great company. I've used their stuff for years as have most of the Dolly Grips I know. Cranium has Giraffe, Phoenix, Foxy, and Galaxy cranes as well as remote heads. I did a reshoot on a movie last weekend and Nico showed up before call, built the crane, left, and came back at the end of the day and took it apart. Now that's service. Check them out at


Unknown said...

I proudly wear my Cranium shirt, obtained at the last picnic (which from what I hear, really WAS the last picnic-ever.)

Anonymous said...

i never got into this blog stuff until your site D. but the more links you put up connecting to people talking about this type of work the more i find myself in front of the stupid computer. keep 'em coming.
also i know i'm behind the wave big time, but does anyone watch "Lost"? i just bought the first 3 seasons (one by one, but am going thru them in long vegatative bursts) and there are a lot of dolly/crane moves- almost every shot. always a nice, consistent pace and i think they've mastered swinging around the subject.

D said...

Yeah, Lost has consistently good work, from what I've seen (although I haven't really looked critically at it). The guys who do it are old hands (I believe James Auld was dolly grip on it for a while.)

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