Wednesday, September 04, 2019

I Need Some Input

  Hi all. I've been asked by my local to teach an advanced dolly class. I guess it's for experienced working dolly grips to sharpen their skills and maybe learn some new ones (me included). I'm just having a little trouble figuring out how to structure it and what to teach. Any ideas? If you guys were taking such a class, what would you want to cover? Help me out here.


Eric said...

I'm a fan of Guided Discovery. Describe the move as an op and DP would then see where they go with it. THEN start to guide them into the correct descision and ways.

Just like we did at the end of March during the operators class that you taught at.


DollyDar said...
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DollyDar said...
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Wick said...

What Sanjay suggested on FB, using a laser and a line on the wall to get the feel going, is great. I also very much like the hammer / bell trick. Both are easy things to set up and involve nearly no specialized equipment. Both work on any dolly platform, including jib arms and sliders.

You know I wouldn't be me if I didn't also recommend a review of safety guidelines, generally and locally.


DollyDar said...

Besides basics(and there are a lot of basics , i guess) possibly hit on assessing what condition your platform arrive in. Is it loose, tight? if its Hybrid or PeeWee hoe are the arms/shims? Ive been working w/a Hybrid where one arm wallowed (Fred/PCE says 'wallered out') in the track position. The various shimmy, shakes anywhere on the platform, especially shim tolerances on arms vary from arm to arm on same dolly. Always a bugaboo. Also address wheel bearings, and when you switch to pneumatics, those wheel bearings , too. It always pisses me off when ai see DollyGrips ramming Dollies over gravel, or roots in the woods, as if they are off road vehicles. i was taught to respect and take care of my equip. Many of our tribe don't seem to care( and i, no doubt, get their POS Dolly the next time. Don't even get me started on at least trying to keep the Dolly somewhat clean(but I know its nmot always possible. Address trying to help your equip fight oxidation, or at least help it w/WD or whatever you have. And ZEP, not Pledge(IMHO)-0 it's the little things that can cause you major problems at the worst times....Thanks D, Dar