Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Little Down Time

  Hi all. I actually have a couple of weeks off before I start the next one. This comes after a marathon of about 22 weeks with only a couple of days off (and sometimes not that) between jobs. Now I sleep until noon when I can and drink long into the night. I say things on Twitter and Facebook under the influence that may go viral at any time and end my career (not really). Anyway I'm still here, just not in the mood. My wife has given me a "honeydo" list of 16 items that I am to complete before I go back "to work." Let me read off a few: New kitchen sink faucet, fix screen door, fix wall under stairs, move the couch, take BBQ to Goodwill, fix hole under fence, help me paint the chair, and these are just a taste. So you all can see what I'm up against. As I'm a notorious cheapass, I recently found myself taking apart the freezer accompanied by a Youtube video on appliance repair. I was, of course, successful but it took four hours. Therefore, my posts have been few and far between as the demands of family (wife) have left me with precious little time for writing about the intricacies of pushing dolly. Please forgive me and don't stop checking in. Also, if your freezer is leaking water onto the floor I can totally fix it.


Wick said...

How are you with noisy kitchen drains?

Michael Taylor said...

The last break I had -- two weeks -- ended up being such a grind trying to get things done around the house that I had to go back to work just to get some rest…

Glad you're getting some down-time, though. Work is great, but too much of a good thing is still too much.

Enjoy it while you can.

James Cooper said...

I am a NYC dolly grip working in Episodic. I'm looking for a pair of track starters but something made hard rubber (ducks) or a wooden wedge type. The ones Ive seen go from home made to nicer than home made. Is there anyone around making these??

Wick said...

Coop! Pretty much every track manufacturer makes starters for their track. In my experience most US rental houses don't buy them. Step One is see what the track manufacturer provides and ask your rental house to put a set on the package. We at Fisher makes wedges that fit our track, natch, but they don't necessarily work with all other types. Step Two is call Phil & Nick Saad, see if they can help out. Step Three would be check with Matthews, Modern, and Filmtools. I hope that's a little bit of help.

Wick Hempleman

Sanjay Sami said...

do you mean ramps to roll the dolly onto track ? I make my own out of wood. I can send you a picture. They are a simple design and totally doable for most people with basic carpentry skills.

Onno said...

Hello All,

Anyone in the Mumbai Area?

I will be displaying my TwinDolly and our CenterFold BarTracks.

It would be great if I can meet some of the local grips!

Booth C-308 British Production Village



D said...

Guys, Onno is a great friend and a kickass grip. Please visit his display.

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