Saturday, March 21, 2015

Things That Need To Be Said

  A friend of mine holds the opinion that nothing has contributed to the breakdown of discipline on set as the advent of HD. I tend to agree. For years, film sets have operated under a framework of unwritten rules known as "Set Etiquette." Since the advent of digital filmmaking, these rules seem to be breaking down. Here are a few of these for those who don't know:

1. Don't cross the lens if the operator is looking through it. Saying "crossing" as you block it is not only an indicator that you are a newbie on set, it draws attention to the fact that you are breaking rule number one. Be aware of where the camera is. Don't stand in front of it. Period. Ever.

2. Don't stand in doorways. Seriously. There's an old joke about the DGA standing for "Door Guards of America." It's not a compliment. I immediately know who is new on set when I see them standing in a doorway. Just stop it.

3.  Don't have conversations in the middle of the set while we are lighting or lining up a shot. Or in doorways. Also, don't leave your stuff in front of or on the dolly or grip equipment. Yes this happens.

4. If your camera has a flash, and you need to take a still, announce "flashing."  It ain't brain surgery. The electricians will thank you. If you don't know why, go back to film school.

5. If you are a juicer and you turn on a light, practice courtesy. Announce before you blast thousands of watts of light onto unsuspecting eyes. I was almost blinded last week because some rookie hit a button and swung a 6k directly into my eyes with no warning.

6. If (Show that started last year) was your first show, you are a rookie. Ask questions. Watch everything.

7. When "rolling" is called, just stop. Stop moving. Don't pick anything up. Don't put anything down. It's the easiest thing in the world to stand still and do nothing. Just do that.

  It's up to us to teach these new people and apparently we are failing miserably. I blame myself (not really). I blame you,
The Captain has spoken.

Wow, I've gotten such a big response in such a short amount of time that I've decided to add more. Please feel free to add your own rules that you see broken on a regular basis.

8.  If you don't know how to operate a particular piece of equipment, then say so. I've heard of cranes coming off of tracks, cameras falling off of heads etc. Just because you call yourself a Key Grip or a Dolly Grip doesn't make you one. Learn your craft. I'm thinking of someone in particular. Jackass.

9. If the dolly isn't working and is off to the side, that doesn't mean it's free to use as a seat, coat rack, deli tray, or plaything. If you ask me, I'll usually tell you you can sit on it after I make sure it's safe. But at least ask me.

I have since edited this post. I got a little carried away and put some things that weren't etiquette issues in. I have taken those out. Also to my makeup and hair brothers and sisters, I have clarified my point after being asked to by a hair stylist on Twitter. I added "while we are lighting or lining up a shot."   Okay, I think I'm done.


Danny Eckler said...

10. "Checking the gate" is not synonymous with "moving on".
11. The set is like the pool, "Walk, don't run."

D said...


Calvin Starnes said...

Don't ever just help yourself to equipment. ALWAYS ASK PERMISSION. And ALWAYS return it and let someone in the department know you've returned it.

Anonymous said...

Just because you want the kid actors to like you, please don't stop them for a chat. The studio teacher may be rushing them to get a teaching block in before they're called back to set. They have legally limited time to work and the ADs expect the teacher to get instruction done during set-ups. Please don't try and get a reaction from babies. Strange adults can frighten them and they need to feel safe with the studio teacher.

Niall said...

PA's and AD's do not just tell grips/electricians to move their staging because it 'might' be in the shot. Talk to out boss, respect the chain of command, and stop creating chaos film making already has enough built in. They might have already talked to the DP/operator before hand and got the all clear.

D said...

Good ones.

Anonymous said...

When standing at a monitor, be aware of the people around you who also need to see the monitor and make room for them. Sometimes that means that only one rep from your department can be at the monitor at a time.

Never plug your iPhone charger or anything else into a random distro box. If you need to use set power, ask a juicer.

"The crew has the set " does not mean that loud personal conversations should commence. Quiet down or step away, so that those working can hear their bosses and one another. (Of course, producers are the worst offenders, but what can you do?)

Darryl WIlson said...

When I was coming up, you didn't get a Pre-Lim Call sheet for the next day. Now everyone gets one. If you take one make it mean something. Actually look at the scenes, take note if it is one the stage or location. Have you been there before? What did you use last time? Is it Day or Night, Interior or Location. These things matter and pertain to your job. You aren't there to sit, scroll through your phone and talk to folks. You are there to be productive for the company. Productive for the crew that hired you or you can be replaced. When you get a call sheet use it! If all you are looking for is the call time you might not be around for long.

Anonymous said...

Here's another one: if someone is coming through carrying something, and you're not... move! Yield. Get out of the way.

Sarah said...

This will definitely out me as a bit of a newbie- but when is it appropriate to use 'crossing'?

D said...

Don't. Just duck under the lens or go behind camera. When I was starting out, I was told to say "crossing" too. I realized after a few years that it drives operators etc crazy. Don't say it, just do it. If you must cross, do it very quickly when no one is in the eyepiece or like I mentioned, duck under the lens. The main offense is just standing around obliviously in front of the lens. Merely crossing it quickly isn't that big of a deal.

A.J. said...

Just saw this as I was catching up on my internet reading. All very good points, but sadly, it isn't just newbies breaking these unspoken rules. I know people who've been in this business longer than I've been alive who don't yell "flashing" when taking a picture or turn on a lighting without announcing it.

And full disclosure, I'm absolutely guilty of using the dolly as a seat without asking. Sorry! But I only do it if I'm cool with the dolly grip, the brake's on and I immediately hop off if I see the dolly grip or AC heading towards it.

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