Saturday, January 24, 2015

Chapman Grand Opening-Atlanta

  Had a great time at the Chapman-Leonard Grand Opening at Pinewood Studios Atlanta today. I got to see a lot of friends and coworkers that I haven't seen in a while and spend some time with a lot of the fine folks from the Chapman family. I did a demo of the Hustler 4 and Bill Winn did a demo of the Hybrid 4.  I still haven't switched over to the Hybrid 4 because I wanted to wait a while and let all the kinks get worked out, but from what I saw today, I would be completely comfortable using it on my next show. It would be hard to give up my Hustler 4, though. Thanks to all who came out and to Nichole for putting together a great event. I spent a lot of time talking to Leonard and his beautiful wife Cindy and learned a thing or two myself. Of course it's always good to see James Marks and all the wonderful techs who keep us going. Thanks everyone for a great afternoon!
  I plan to soon get back in to some more technical posts, including something on keeping your camera operator happy and maybe revisiting dance floor and techniques to make complex moves a little less stressful. Please comment or email any suggestions on things you would like to see. After a while away from the blog, I'm starting to get reinvigorated again but I need some inspiration. Help me out!

  I've got a few weeks off before my next job so I've got a little time to devote to these long neglected pages. Stay safe out there and don't be afraid to say, "No" if something isn't right.


etc said...

Can't recall but, have you ever written about what's a good kit to have on you for pushing? Flats, camera wedges, etc..?

D said...

Actually we have. Go to the search function on the upper right of the page and type in "kit."