Friday, December 03, 2010

Back to Work

   I mainly wanted to get the Thanksgiving turkey off the top of the page, because the longer it's up there, the more neglected the page looks. I'm still in the midst of semi-invalid wife/ infant care, only now I've added the responsibility of work to the pile. My series started back this week. They always like to do an episode or two before the holidays to get a jumpstart on the year and provide us all with Christmas/ Hannukah (diaper) money. So I'm back in the land of dance floor and night exteriors for the time being until we shut down for the holidays. I've got some ideas for columns planned, I just need time to get to them, and maybe this coming year we'll get around to that podcast we've been planning forever. (and maybe even some t-shirts). Till then, I've got a 3PM call time and a baby screaming downstairs, so I've got to run, but I'll be back very soon. Thanks for still tuning in.



The Grip Works said...

I hear you D,
Back from Berlin and on baby duty !
Hang in there :-)

Azurgrip said...

Is there anything that people want to see? Any topics that we haven't covered or need to be revisited?

A.J. said...

I, for one, would like to see pictures of the new baby additions to the Dollygrippery family.

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