Monday, February 08, 2010

Feb Freeze

If you're in the Toronto area and not working, come on down to Pinewood Studios' Mega Stage for the Cinequip White's Feb Freeze. Tuesday Feb 9th, Open 11am til 8pm.

I'll be there all day manning the GI Track booth with Gil. Come by and say hello and talk dolly turkey!

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Zen On Wheels said...

Newbie Tool Kit:
Geez, I wish I saw this before now. This site looks ultra helpful. It'll take me a while to go through it all, but I will. Meanwhile please forgive if there's a more appropriate area for this question.
I've just been listed in the grip category after years of being a spark, and I intend to focus on pushing dolly. I've done a number of freebies this winter, and found that I like it a lot, and it comes natural to me. I suppose I'll start taking daily grip calls and hoping for some B-dolly action. Since I was just now listed I intend to celebrate buy putting a kit together. Are there any notable features when buying a level? Besides the obvious, are there any other tools or items that will make the job easier?