Sunday, July 26, 2009


My last post was an indictment of the whole incentives mess we've gotten into. Right after I posted it, Mike over at sent me an email and a column he had just finished and had intended to post the next Sunday. One problem- it was eerily identical to mine. The writing style was different (Mike's lyrical, well-thought prose vs my last minute angry scribbling) but he had independantly written a post that hit almost all the same points. He said that in light of mine hitting the airwaves first, he would cancel his. I encouraged him to post it. It's an important subject and his column was great, so hopefully he'll have it up soon. Anyway, if you read his and it bears an uncanny resemblance to mine- it's because we're both geniuses.


The Grip Works said...

"it's because we are both geniuses"

Ha ha ha !!! got to agree with that one :)

Eric said...

both are well thought out and clearly illustrate a mindset that has started to develop in this industry.

the universe will present us all with a chance to change things, it's up to use to recognize it and take action.

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