Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Weekend!

Hi friends. Not much posting this week because of total exhaustion. Days to splits to nights have taken their toll. Only a few weeks left until wrap and vacation. I know a few of you have written to me and recieved no reply and I apologize. I got your emails and will get back to you. Until then, the vampires are out so it'll be a lot of nights til the season winds down. We're reaching that inevitable part of the show where you have to go back and pick up pieces you missed from earlier episodes as you're shooting the current one and chaos reigns (as well as cash). Show premieres tomorrow night and I've already seen the first three episodes. They're pretty good!
Seeya on the other side.


GHB said...

hang in there, dude. it's almost over....

grip411 said...

you're just about done, and I just called back to the show I was on over at Fox Studios"Dollhouse"
I will be the Construction Grip Foreman again.
Lots of heavy lifting and lots of 8 hr days.
BTW- I put a link to your blog on both my sites:, & crew and