Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Aluminum Dance Floor Frame Pictures

Above are some pictures of GHB's frames. The pictures show a 4x4, a "pie piece" and a full 4x8 frame. The 4x4 shows the side with velcro covering it. This helps to cushion the plywood surface and hold it in place. It's just a strip of "fuzzy" velcro and the plywood goes on top. You can also see the holes used to bolt the frames together. They are also in sizes 2x8, and 2x4. As GBH said., they are very light and easy to transport. We have full trailer width jockey boxes and they slide easily in and out. They really make a difference as far as ease and quickness. Last week, we built an 8x12 floor on a slope in about 15 minutes from laying them out to the dolly sitting on it and ready to go. I hope these pictures help!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures D. They are certainly welded nicely. I have a question. Is there a reason why, with a 1" x 2" profile, you have used 1" as the height and 2" as the width? 2" height would give you a lot less flex. Or is that not really an issue. What wall thickness (gauge) of aluminium do you use?

Anonymous said...

i used to be a 52 key grip in new york space is tight had c channel with wood insert inside these frames folded like dolly track we called them folding bucks worked very well

D said...

Hi Gripworks, The 1" height allows you to store it easier and it's easier to carry and deal with. Flex hasn't been an issue at all in my experience. You just have to support it at the cross braces just like you do with track.

Anonymous said...

That makes perfect sense. Nowhere is space at a greater premium than in a grip truck.
GHB - remember what gauge (thickness) of aluminium you used ?
Save me the trial and error.