Friday, May 23, 2008

Sitting on Stage

Hi all,
Sitting here on stage and finally got a minute to break away ("B" only shot). We're on airplane mockups all day so I expected a relatively dolly free day until they decided to build the crane and jam the arm down the aisle. I'm still having dance floor problems. The lumber up here (which is pretty crappy to begin with) seems to swell and contract. I'm getting floors with 1/32" lips at the joints, even with double laying everything. we ordered a whole new batch of birch and it all doesn't match, so it's been a nightmare but we're making it work. The rest of the show is mostly on stage until the last two days when we go to New York. I hear LA is extremely busy gearing up to the SAG strike.
I'm curious as well about how the Fisher speed wheels perform, but I can't see trading in my Porta-Glides for anything.
I hope everyone is well. I'll have more to post when all this is over.


Azurgrip said...

Unfortunately the ply we're carrying these days is a Russian Birch which weighs a ton (something about a denser weave) otherwise it's bullet proof and doesn't swell. I know that Centex doesn't help much with joints either.

Nice to hear that at least LA is busy. We're dying here in Canada. There's nothing coming down the pipe what with the dollar the way it is AND the strike.

The Porta Glides are currently undergoing a redesign. I can't wait to see what's next! Still, the Fisher's are sexy...

Anonymous said...

Cool -- when are you coming to NY? Will you be in the city?


D said...

Anything would be better than this crap. Interestingly, both jobs I've done in New England i n the last year have had really bad plywood. It flakes easily and seems to disintigrate over time. New design? I can't wait to see it either.

We'll be in NY around the 7-9 of June. I don't know what part of town, but the movie's called "The Proposal." If you come across us, stop in and say hi.

The Grip Works said...

Hi All !!
Good to see you guys are still around. I was looking for a new set of skate sleds to use primarily with Hybrid or Fisher 10's. Do the Porta glides perform well with heavy dollies and 2 or 3 people aboard ? I saw the new one on their website with different size wheels. Seems good. Does anyone know first hand?

Chris said...

Fisher has done a really nice job on these wheels. Here are the things I really like:

1) They are really smooth. With just the right amount of resistane these wheels feel great. Not too hard and not too soft, the can still flat but are easily worked out. Also, Fisher has cut the bottom edge(outside edge is beveled) off the wheels so that you don't hit those tall wedges.

2) The treys are nice and light, the edges are easy on the hands.

3) The Centipede action of the wheels makes them superior on curved track.

4) The "Inserts" (I call them "Chips" Because they look like Pringles) for the Eleven dolly are a really great idea. They allow you to go on the track in crab mode. Fisher does not want you to do this with a Ten, however, it works really nice and is very stable.

I really like the wheels and I use them on most every job. Don't try these wheels if you own a set. You may not want to go back.

Azurgrip said...
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Azurgrip said...

GW - D here owns a set of Porta Glides and loves them - can't say enough about them. They use the different sized wheels so that if you do have flat spots - the spots don't all hit at the same time.

However - Losmandy / Porta-Jib is in the process of redesigning. Mark Schweickart says "The
good news is that it is being redesigned to be even better, with a stronger and removable undercarriage, so that it can quickly mount to other platforms, such as a speed rail top for Chinese positioning."

I'm thinking of redesigning my set of Speed Wheels but that will be another post...

Anonymous said...

Hi D!
Back again :) Do you know where you will be in NY? I'd still love to come check you guys out and say hello this weekend if it's still possible.


D said...

Hi DW, We start at Federal Plaza on Broadway and then move a couple of blocks over (don't know where but it's close) Say hi if you're close.

Anonymous said...

tried to stop by, but you must have already moved on when I got to Federal Plaza. Oh well, maybe we'll bump into each other at some other point... :)

D said...

Sorry you missed us, DW. Maybe next time.

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