Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hi Guys

I'm still around so keep the comments or questions coming. I'm doing a lot of commercial work so I'm checking in every day even though I'm not writing much. Thanks all for your comments and participation. Again, if anyone has any ideas for good articles, send them along. I'm just too tired at the end of the day to think of and then write a long article so I need your help. I'm doing a perfume commercial right now with a lot of round track, circling around Naomi Watts. Anyway, thanks to all my Dolly Grip brothers and sisters for making the blog a success (we just rolled over 10,000 hits in about 5 months!).


The Grip Works said...

Have you tried the GFM Quad dolly? It is great at doing circles. Basicly a very precise doorway dolly with Roundy round steering that can be locked off at any radius and then pushed to hold a circle at that radius. I have tried it with Operator & focus puller on board and had very little drift. Allows you to have exactly the radius you need. But the surface needs to be very smooth.

Anonymous said...

what's the secret to leveling circle track?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on all the commercials -- make that money!!


Anonymous said...

up here in toronto most of the time the key pushes dolly on commercials.

how does it work in your neck of the woods?

D said...

Hi Gripworks, No, I haven't tried it but it sounds interesting.

Hi G,
Treat it like straight track. Find the high point, level around and side to side. It won't often be perfect, round track is strange sometimes. Make sure your outside clamps aren't too tight.
Hi DW, Thanks brother.
Sometimes the Key pushes but more often he has his own dolly grip, especially on dolly intensive commercials. If it's a lot of park and shoot, he may just put one of his boys on it. In LA, there isn't a dolly rate for commercials.(there is for scale, but the prevailing market rate is so high above scale that the dolly usually works at the third rate).
Thanks for the comments.

The Grip Works said...

By and large on commercials if the DP operates camera, then I push Dolly. If he has an operator, then I get a dolly grip :)

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