Thursday, May 28, 2020

Next Q and A: John Mang and Mitch Dubin

Last week's session with Sanjay and Bob Yeoman went so well we decided to try it again! Next week's meeting will feature veteran camera operator Mitch Dubin, SOC and Dolly Grip John Mang,
Response was so huge last week we had some issues with capacity. Those have been rectified.

Join us June 3rd at 1pm.


Anonymous said...
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Packers And Movers Jaipur said...
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Malcolm Nefsky said...

Is it possible to get some photos from Mango of his version of Bucks. Just wondering what size aluminum stock he recommends.
That was a great session today, so much amazing information. I would be great if someone could package all these session and make them available to young up and comers.

D said...

Hi Malcolm. Sean is working on the logistics of that. We didnt know it would get this big so we're a little behind the curve. I think its 1"x2" aluminum but I'll check. Havent usws it in a while. Thanks for the feedback.

Earl said...

Hey D,

I have worked with Mango and Mitch on several of the movies mentioned today, and you are correct, it's 1x2 alum and built on the flat side. Also has 5/16 in holes coming through the sides for bolts with wing nuts to tie it all together. I'll see if I can dig up any pictures.

They are built 4x8, 4x4, 2x4, 2x8, 2x2, small pie, large pie( to match your dance floor). And like Mango said, we use flat stock to level it( cribbing in different thicknesses from 1/8 in to 1 in)..

The alum bucks also come in handy not only for dance floor but also for coming off of a set of steps on a shot, etc. On those shows mentioned, we did a lot of dance floor moves outdoors on various surfaces with those. Very handy, and don't take up a lot of room on the truck( my concern as the BB)...

Btw great presentation today with the videos...Now everyone will expect videos, see what ya have done now:))....

D said...

Thanks Earl! Great description!

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