Saturday, March 28, 2020

Did Not See This Coming

  Hi all. I guess we are really all in the same boat now. In any case. I hope all of you are getting those home projects done in between trying to teach your kids math.  I myself spend most days (between school lessons) watching Youtube videos about ghosts and trying to write Dollygrippery: The Dolly Grip's Handbook. I'm getting much less work done than you would think. I'm now on the fascinating world of surfaces and how to choose them. As riveting as it is, especially for me, I find myself often distracted by what the cat is doing and the pull of making a drink at 11 AM. Stay strong boys and girls. Before you know it we'll all be back at it, begging for a day off. In the meantime, try to be productive. I'm going to try and post more during this time and help us all keep our skills sharp. Or I may not depending on what the cat is doing.

Keep your powder dry,


Michael Taylor said...

I hear you. Now that I've got all the time in the world (not that I didn't before), I seem to find just about anything more interesting that working on my own book. When I do knuckle down, it's good, but then a hawk flies by the window and suddenly I'm out the door to see where it went...

Wade.SMM said...

This reminds me of that old MacGyver episode 'Eahles' where he's rescuing the satellite but ends up rescuing an eagle.

Its arguably one of my favorite episodes due to the it being in nature.

It's a mix of climbing and flying shots.

Tracking of when he's paragliding is fantastic (without a drone no less).

William Gereghty is DP and did most of MacGyver and Stargate.

Henry Winkle was amazing director for TV.