Friday, September 01, 2017

Hi Guys

Well, here we are. It's been a while since I've turned up a bottle and joined you. A lot has happened over the last few (or many) months. As always the demands of family and work have taken priority over the writing. I now have a six year old boy destroying the house and a twenty-one year old daughter spending the tuition. As you can imagine, the time for inspiration and writing about the glories of the craft of camera movement have been supplanted (I had to look that one up) by just grinding out a paycheck. Never fear, I am still with you. I've been on the Marvel train for a while. In between, I've done a couple of less than admirable shows just for the paycheck (patio furniture, bedroom suite) and have done a couple of posts just as placeholders to let you know that I'm still here. I know that useful technical info has been at a minimum. Honestly, guys, I'm drained. I do have a lot of ideas for posts that I will get around to when my son makes Eagle Scout, but till then we are selling popcorn to pay for the overnight on the aircraft carrier (Den 7). In the meantime, here are some things: Precision track is heavy as shit. I've used Filmair on, like, 20 movies. It's fine. Save yourself the trouble. Also, I tried the Hybrid 4. I really dislike it. I'm still a Hustler 4 guy. Also, you don't "need" a Peewee 4. The Super Peewee 3 is just fine. Also, I still hate seat offsets. Get a Banjo seat. Flat stock sux. Arri geared head levels have never been accurate and never will be. And, I've decided to leave the dance floor cart loaded and strapped off, because life is too short. Along the same lines: Dear set decorators, we will never see the two-inch thick rug on the floor. Thank you all.


Wick said...

Welcome back, and good luck with that Eagle Scout.

Michael Taylor said...

"Dear set decorators, we will never see the two-inch thick rug on the floor."

Indeed -- and don't get me started on the multitude of sins production designers commit that make our lives as grips and juicers on set SO much harder, but will never appear on screen...

It's always a pleasure to read your prose, and we all wish there was more of it, but the realities of life in this business are harsh.

Down the road, brother, down the road...

GHB said...

Well said. Agreed on all accounts.

wicky88 said...

My god. In One post you releibed all of my anxieties. Perfect

Araquenlin said...


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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