Friday, March 03, 2017

JL Fisher Open House 2017

  It's that time of year again. I push this event every year because I am such a big fan. It's the Dolly Grip's day to be center stage and we don't get many. Frank at Fisher sent me a flyer to post but I can't seem to open it so I'll just give you the details:

JL Fisher Open House
Saturday May 20, 2017
9am to 4pm
1000 West Isabel St
Burbank, Ca 91506

There will be reps and discussions from the SOC, IA, and ASC and you don't want to miss it.

Hope to see you there!


Carl said...

See you all there! :D

Wick said...

There's something new there to check out this year. I wouldn't stick my neck out if I didn't think it was worth a look. With any luc, it'll be something to discuss here.


Sanjay said...

Spill the beans Wick

Grip 411 said...

Wick is right! - Ya'll need to come and check out something Amazing (w/ a Capital A) from the genius mind of Jimmy and his staff of superstar employees.

Also, Be sure to stop by the "Grip 411 Equipment & Crew Directory" iPhone App booth - say Hi - get on the global-wide crew list - and find out how to get a free download of the App.

See ya there!

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