Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Look out! Here comes 2017!

Thankfully we’re just days away from putting 2016 behind us. I think we’re all ready to move on, however, thanks to Facebook and  Google, a lot of people have gone back and re-read a lot of our posts here. I know that the posting has come to a stand still thanks to being too tired from work, NDAs and general unoriginality on our part but we’d be thrilled to revisit any topic. If you’re new here, please don’t hesitate to broach any topic new or old. Things change. Either new technology or thanks to conversations started we may have changed our minds or other’s minds. This is a constantly evolving job - hence why you can’t replace us with robots yet. We would like to stay in the forefront of our jobs and that requires discussion, either with other dolly grips or even camera operators.

Let us help you help us. If there’s a topic that you’d like to know more about please let us know either through the comments here, or on the Facebook page.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and a knowledge prosperous 2017!


A said...

Happy Holidays and New Year!

I'm going to paraphrase for a lot of this. D, you've said before that being The Guy That Gets Put On Dolly doesn't make you a dolly grip, and that through practice and practice you learn the craft. That is irrefutably true, but kind of makes a catch 22.

I'm pretty good at dolly. I won't sell myself as a pro at it. When asked I will be honest "I can push well, but I'm not an expert. I would love the opportunity however, and I feel I can do this job." 100% of the time the gig has gone to someone going "Oh yeah, I'm awesome" Despite their actual skill set.

So how do you get experience when you can't call yourself a Dolly Grip?

Unknown said...

Hi, A. Glad you asked this question. You do it like we all did. You put your ego second and do A or B camera for a while. Learn and practice as much as you can. eventually, an opportunity will pop up, and then you're off! I always fall back on the saying, "If someone has to tell you how good they are, they probably aren't that good." There is no faking in this game. The best Dolly Grips I know are quiet and just do it. Their work speaks for itself. Don't trust anyone who says they are awesome. They probably suck.

Unknown said...

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