Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Coming up for air

Just a quick intermission between shows, barely enough time to catch my breath nor catch up on sleep. It’s crazy stupid work wise here!

Next show, the operator has requested Fisher dollies for us to use. I’ll be the first to say “I’m a Chapman guy”, but I’ll also try anything -  once… I’ve done shows with Fishers which have been both good experiences and bad experiences.

The most recent Fisher experience was bad. Once again, the DP had suggested the use of a Fisher Ten. I had squeaky track wheels that I could not fix - Zep, Pledge, water, baby powder, locked wheels, unlocked wheels (not all at once) - nothing worked. I tried for as long as I could then finally the Key Grip stepped in and gently suggested a change.

I’m perplexed as to why I wouldn’t be asked what I feel comfortable using. Budgets aside, would production force one lens manufacture over another on a Director of Photography? Doesn’t a Gaffer have a preference of the manufacture of lighting fixtures? An operator be forced to use one fluid head over another? So why can’t I pick the dollies? (wow - doesn’t that sound like a six year girl whine!).

Thankfully I work in a market where there are choices, but in this case the choices are being made for me. What would you do? 
Hopefully once the dust has settled and the hangover has cleared, D will be able to deal with his technical challenges and share his most recent adventures!


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It seems to me that you will come to the right decision in the end. After all, your choice depends only on you, on your ideas and thoughts.

Unknown said...

Seems we're all in same boat..But most times the DP has a prefference, I roll with it..I've been fortunate recently and years past to have mix of both in the truck and makes everyone happy..
DPs seem to sit longer on Fishers so maybe they're more comfy on the arse....
My friends don't knock either of them or we'll end up with a racket old Doorway or western tank that will farkup our pride..!!😉

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