Saturday, October 19, 2013

More Advice For The Newbies

  I have a lot of time to observe as a dolly grip. Here are some things I see:

Setting a flag isn't a two person job. Just back away once he has it in the c-stand. You aren't helping. Let it go.

Everything isn't a question. Don't ask me if I'm coming off the track or where the next track is going. I don't know yet.

Be a grip, not a gopher. Learn how to light. Observe the set. Look for things that stick out. Keep looking. You'll always find something.

If you are low on something, go get more of it. I don't care how close the truck is, make a decent staging area and keep it replenished.

It's a craft, just like bricklaying or plumbing. Learn your craft. Don't just be a gopher.

Be proactive. Are there lights bleeding onto the bluescreen? Fix it. It's your job. Try to anticipate what is needed before it's called for.

Thus endeth the lesson.
The Captain.


GHB said...

Once again. Pure wisdom, Sir.

Oh how that list could be about 90 pages long!

Anonymous said...

Aye, Aye Captain!!

Keep the good word coming!!

We need it now just as ever!