Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Stuff!

  I am proudly announcing the first batch of Dollygrippery t-shirts. This is the first run and will be distinguished from all other editions by it's "unique" blue color. The front features the Dollygrippery logo and the back just has the "" address. They're going for 18 bucks apiece right now as this is an experiment and I need to recoup my costs. Just use the Paypal button on the right.  As of the moment, I am not taking orders from outside the US until I figure out how the whole thing works although if you are outside the US and really want one bad (how could you not?) just email me and we'll figure something out.
   On the same note, this is just an experiment right now. I'm slowly figuring out Paypal etc although it seems to be working the way I wanted it to. If something goes wrong and you receive the wrong size or don't receive what you ordered, send me an email and we will work through the problem. Thank you. Nasty emails will be published here for the Dolly Grip world to see.

I did have to raise the price because shipping was much more than I thought it would be. Sorry guys but good for those of you who got in early!

 My wife and I would like to thank those of you who have generously given to her fundraiser for the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Walk. Although out of the US givers seem to be experiencing a problem, your kindness is appreciated and my wife loves you for it. Thank you.


Wick said...


Anonymous said...

Fifteen dollars shipping? Come on. The Area Standards rates don't allow me to buy a $42 tee shirt.
P.S. You can fit a tee shirt in a USPS flat-rate box for $5.80.
Mike D.

Victor Nguyen said...

yea, that $15 shipping is pretty ridiculous

rokn elbeet said...

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