Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekly (monthly) Update

   Hi everyone. It's been a busy couple of weeks so not much time to post. We are sprinting toward the last three weeks of our fourteen week show. After a couple of weeks of mainly car mounts (which were a lot of fun), we had some days of actual old fashioned movie making with dialogue and everything. This DP (who I really enjoy working with) likes to go big on the cranes. He also loves to set up really intricate shots with the fifty-foot Technocrane. I find myself doing a lot of fun moves involving circling around actors, "scraping the paint" off of hundred thousand dollar cars, and hitting over-the-shoulders at sixty feet from the camera. Thanks go out to Mike Howell and Jeff Curtis, two really good pickle operators. Our DP and director excel in coming up with some really cool and challenging shots, so I often go from days of literally doing nothing but turning a wrench, to suddenly standing at the business end of fifty feet of arm wondering if I can still pull it off. I've had to become more adept at finding sightlines where there are none, and then suddenly changing them all as the shot evolves. We also get very few rehearsals (almost none with first team) so it can be a little nerve wracking. I think I'll do a refresher course on sightlines for cranes when this is over. Thanks for hanging in there. I'm still here even though you don't hear from me as much. One more week here and then we are on the road again. Keep the Need.....

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