Friday, March 01, 2013

Major Award!

   Dollygrippery would like to congratulate my friend Brad Rea for receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award for Moving Camera Platform Operator from the SOC. Brad is truly one of the best Dolly Grips in the world with "A" camera credits like Memoirs of a Geisha, A Walk in the Clouds, Armageddon, Angels and Demons, and  Star Trek: Into Darkness on his resume. And the list goes on and on. Brad is like a rock. Nothing rattles him and he's a great guy to boot. Congratulations, Brad! No one deserves it more than you!

    Meanwhile back at the ranch, the show is going well. I spent today in the freezing rain (all man made) which, luckily I am used to since I've also spent much of the last month and a half in the freezing rain (both real and man made).  Unfortunately I will be leaving a week or so early to start the next epic which I hate doing, but don't really have a choice in. This is truly one of the finest grip crews I've had the pleasure to be a part of. And we have our wrap times down to about fifteen minutes, tops. I have about three weeks left before I have to fly to Northern California to prep the next job, which is basically a remake of Cannonball Run without Burt Reynolds, and with $150,000 cars. I hope all of you are staying busy and staying safe. Try to remember that making movies should be fun. My first Key Grip told me many years ago that when it stops being fun, it's time to get out. Oh yeah, he also said never get in a helicopter. So I try to remember those two things, especially the fun part. We're blessed to be able to do the things we do and work with the people we work with.

'Til next time,

   If I don't post often it's because I am having a problem coming up with ideas. Over the last six years of Dollygrippery, I've pretty much covered every aspect of this craft. Give me some ideas. Is there something you would like to suggest? Send it in at dollygrippery at gmail dot com.


acraw said...

I agree D, Brad is truly deserving of the award and I congratulate him also. His work over the long haul is what we all aspire to and it's really good to see him get credit for it from those we work so closely with!

D said...

Great to hear from you Acraw. It makes us all look good!

Wick said...

On an unrelated note: Is the picture telling us you've seen the light and entered the Church of Fisher? ;)

Michael Taylor said...

Maybe your first Key Grip meant to day "When it stops being fun, get in a helicopter" -- because helicopters are big fun indeed. They are dangerous, though, no doubt about it.

Glad to hear you've been so busy, and good luck on the next movie...

D said...

@Wick- No my friend. That there is a Hustler 4. Say Amen.

@Michael- Thanks buddy. Hope the book is going well. I'm the first buyer.

Wick said...

I knew my eyesight was going. Hallelujer.

Anonymous said...

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