Saturday, August 04, 2012

  It was interesting to read all the comments and emails from my last post. All the old-timers pretty much came up with the same answers, which were pretty much my own answers. The only one that they over-thought was the Fisher 10 question. I was looking for something along the lines of "ask if they are getting the round track wheels," but of course Sanjay and the others were correct. I did get a tweet asking about a question from the earlier post which was how the choice of head affects the Dolly Grip. The answer is that a fluid head requires you to be more careful in your starts and stops, especially on a tighter lens, as the operator is directly controlling the head with his own movements, rather than with a geared wheel. It's much harder to control the frame as the dolly accelerates or stops quickly. Everyone seemed to enjoy this post so I'll think of some more. Please send in some suggestions if you have any.
   Slate had a great article on the accident on Twilight Zone: The Movie, that took the lives of actor Vic Morrow and two children, as well as a helicopter pilot thirty years ago. Check it out here. Now, when you get those safety bulletins with your call sheets, you'll have a better idea why they're there. Check it out.


Michael Taylor said...

The Slate piece on Twilight Zone was great -- although once again we have someone writing about the movie biz who doesn't seem to know the difference between grips and electricians... still, good, interesting stuff.

Landis was calm the only time I worked with him (on the Michael Jackson video "Black and White), but from what I've heard and read, his reputation as a screaming asshole on-set was well earned.

ChrisGuerra said...

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